Talent Management

“We’ve been able to show that there’s a definite correlation between high leadership scores on our leadership scoring process and success. We have a whole lot of confidence that that’s just not soft and fuzzy stuff. It’s performance related.”

Ken Glass, the CEO of First Horizon National Corporation, from “The CEO’s role in talent management,” The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2006

More and more, talent management influences an organization's bottom line as the complexities of knowledge-based work increases and operations take on a global context. Your organization's competitive advantage hinges on who you have working for you in key, decision-making roles.

Together with partner Insight Talent Advisors, Primebridge Consulting provides deep talent management services to CEOs and senior executives who need robust and objective clarity to build the right talent and ensure a sustained level of performance in their organization. Insight Talent Advisors will help accelerate the development of high potential leaders and act decisively on low performers using a high-touch, high-impact approach.

Insight Talent Advisors helps increase talent acumen and build a stronger talent pool through:

  • High-level design work
  • Hands-on facilitation and talent coaching
  • One-on-one discussions with CEOs
  • Executive team talent sessions
  • 360° assessments and executive coaching

Primebridge Consulting president Brenda Chartrand works with Insight Talent Advisors to facilitate executive talent reviews. Her extensive understanding of leadership practices, organizational change and team dynamics helps executives articulate clearer assessments and action plans for each of their direct reports, and provide insightful feedback on individual performance and careers.

For further information please see www.insight-ta.com or contact Primebridge Consulting Inc. directly at info@primebridgeconsulting.com or brenda@primebridgeconsulting.com, or call us at 613.234.1883